To understand the causes of fading one needs to know a little about the makeup of sunlight. Sunlight is basically made up of three elements:

Ultraviolet Light– which we neither feel nor see but is the main factor in causing fabrics and furnishings to fade.

Infa Red– The part which we feel as heat.

Visible Light– The part which enables us to see.

Miscellaneous Elements– Indoor artificial lighting, humidity, and poor dye anchorage.

Visible light and infra red heat are the other factors that contribute to fading, which is why effective film installations must harness all three sunlight elements.

Ultraviolet absorbers are use to stop ultraviolet light at the film. The type, amount, and location of the absorbers in the product determine the film’s effectiveness in reducing fading. Absorbers located in the adhesive instead of the film itself can be far less stable and enduring than those which are built into the film.

Professionally installed films will block 99% of all UV rays with UV absorbers as an integral element of the film.