How do I remove the old film from my windows?


Scotchtint window films are designed to bond the film to the window glass for many years. Yet when it is time to remove the film, removal can be performed by following a relatively simple process.

  1. First, try to pull the film off by lifting and peeling the film from a corner. If removing the film is difficult, spray the film with a solution of detergent (Dawn™, Joy™) and water and cover with a plastic film (e.g., trash can liners work). Allow to soak for several hours or overnight. Now, try Step 1 again.
  2. Next, the adhesive residue left on the glass can be sprayed with a sudsy ammonia and water solution and scraped with a four inch razor blade tool.

Unfortunately, other window films aren’t necessarily designed for removal in their future. They can prove to be particularly difficult with removal, and may require more drastic measures.