Do Scotchtint window film cause glass to break?


No, Scotchtint window films do not cause glass to break. However, we do understand that the application of Scotchtint will increase the temperature of your sunlit glass which will increase the stress on the glass edges. The quality of those glass edges and several other factors (external shading, interior shading, glass history, type of film, size/shape of glass, indoor/outdoor temperature) all contribute to the potential risk of glass breakage.

3M’s thirty (30) years of experience with applying Scotchtint window films to different types of glass enables us to make proper film/glass recommendations and minimize the potential for glass breakage. In addition, we support these recommendations with our two year glass breakage warranty against thermal shock fracture. Should the glass break within two year of application, 3M will replace the glass (maximum $500.00) per window), and the dealer will replace the film.